In-house Blend Coffee 

Caswell’s Espresso. Caswell’s Espresso Blend is a full-bodied Italian style coffee, dark-roasted to bring out the full flavor of the South American and Indonesian beans. Satisfying served black or with milk and cream, suitable for all methods of extraction. Try this well balanced blend served as a traditional espresso (short black). 

Caswell’s Rhino. A strong bodied coffee. It is the only Caswell’s blend with the added kick of the Robusta bean. Ideal for those who prefer their coffee with a punch. 

Banquet Beans. A refined coffee with containing a combination of Indonesia A grade Robusta mixed with an Indonesia A grade Arabica. 

Mocha Java. The oldest & most famous blend in the world. This exquisite, non-espresso blend balances the delicate flavors of Ethiopian and Indonesian beans, to deliver a rich, spicy, full bodied coffee with a distinctive aroma. 

Caswell’s Decaf. Caswell’s Decaf is a full flavored blend, which is regarded as one of the world’s greatest Decaf coffee blend. 

Single Origins Coffee 

At Caswell’s, we source premium grade Arabica green beans for roasting of Single Origins Coffee to meet our customers’ needs. 

International Single Origins 

  • PNG Bunom
  • Colombia Supremo 
  • Brazil Santos
  • Costa Rica Tarrazu SHB 
  • Ethiopia Yirgacheff 
  • Guatamala SHB 
  • Guatamala Huehuetenango 

Indonesian Single Origins 

  • Celebes (Toraja) Kalossi 
  • Sumatra Lintong 
  • Java Jampit Estate 
  • Aceh Gayo 
  • Bali Kintamani

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