Message to stakeholders

2019 was another year of encouraging results and future-oriented projects for the Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group. Our turnover increased by 2.6%, showing a trend of progressive improvement over the course of the last few months, across all main markets. Within this context, we’re particularly pleased with the performance of our sustainable products, i.e. those certified according to sustainability standards, which account for nearly 40% of new products launched in 2019. 

It was also a year in which our products won plenty of awards and recognition. The San Marco biodegradable capsules were - in the particularly developed and competitive French market - chosen as the 2019 Product of the Year, while the new Segafredo Premium D’Arome Organic blend has been named as one of France’s Products of the Year for 2020. In Australia, our Bean Ground and Drunk coffee - the first certified organic coffee in the country - won the prestigious Certified Organic Non-Alcoholic Beverage of the Year 2019 award, while our plantation in Kauai, having obtained the important Non-GMO Project verification, won plaudits on account of its sustainable agricultural practices, which benefit not just the environment but also the local economy and community. 

We pour passion, commitment and professionalism into every cup in order to guarantee our customers a unique experience and high-quality coffee produced in a manner that preserves the dignity of people, communities and local areas. We continue to cherish the relationships that we have with consumers across the world. These relationships have been founded on trust as a result of the unwavering quality of our products, and we are dedicated to continuing to develop these relationships further. Thanks to the implementation of systems which monitor our products throughout every stage of the value chain, we assure quality, consistency and transparency. 

Our open dialogue and constant engagement with consumers enable us to gauge consumer needs, take advantage of exciting market opportunities and provide innovative solutions which help to reduce the impact of our products and activities on the environment and on society overall. 
We’ve set ourselves some challenging objectives for the years to come. Some of these will affect our day-to-day choices, while others will require our commitment and dedication over a longer time period. We’ve embarked upon a positive journey designed to increase our control over the supply chain and to support our contributions to the development of increasingly sustainable products. For instance, we’re working tirelessly to get to a point where 100% of our product packaging is fully recyclable. Throughout the Group, we’re also promoting the adoption of circular economy models, such as those recently developed by our Finnish company, Meira, which uses biogas - a form of energy produced from by-products of coffee production - in its production cycle, thus reducing carbon dioxide emissions. 
Given our international presence, we’re aware of the positive influence that we can exude in terms of promoting a culture of sustainability; therefore, we intend to do our very best to reduce our environmental impact and encourage sustainable development throughout the value chain.

Massimo Zanetti - President and CEO